Client Comments

I try to do my best to look for the Honesty in a person! I know that Lanswer Law Office haas that honesty! Thank you Bruce, Lisa and Staff!

Lanser Law expertly and genuinely guides one through a very overwhelming and trying time in ones life.

Bruce carefully listened to our concerns. He spoke to us in terms easily understood and answered all of our questions. He then gave us our options and after consideration presented a step by step plan along with a timetable to lead us through the entire process. Bruce’s guidance provided a sense of calm during what had been a stressful situation for us. We are fortunate to have found him and we highly recommend Bruce.

From the first visit I had with Mr. Lanser and his staff I felt at ease. They guided me through my Case with respect and professionalism. I could call or email and they would get back to me with answers promptly. I always felt that I was in the best of hands with them handling my case. I would highly recommend them and I have too many friends and family.

I highly recommend Bruce A. Lanser. I felt at ease from the very first meeting and throughout the whole process of my bankruptcy. They kept me informed at all times and answered all my questions. I got through a very difficult time with their expertise and professionalism.

Our experience with Lanser Law was very pleasant and transparent . From the initial consult to our bankruptcy closing, Bruce provided us with honest advice , thorough case documentation , and most importantly , comfort that we could fully trust them to attend to every detail of our case.

I cannot say enough positive things about attorney Lanser and his firm. He helped my sister Cindy when she was going through difficult financial times, which ultimately led to Attorney Lanser assisting her with a bankruptcy filing. He made both Cindy and me feel secure and comfortable with her actions throughout the process. He and his staff were clear, concise, knowledgeable, and professional at all times. They were also caring and compassionate. We could not have asked for more. I highly recommend him!

Bruce Lanser and his team were extremely dedicated and professional in resolving our bankruptcy. We had been to two different attorneys in Milwaukee who were unable to help us with our complicated situation and when we were referred to Bruce Lanser we finally felt like we found a competent and trustworthy attorney who could lead us down the path to a positive resolution. Our case was finally resolved because Bruce Lanser never stopped working hard to find the best possible solution to our very difficult situation.

I would like to say thank you for outstanding service your law firm has extended to me. Beth has been over the top amazing, organized, and timely. Her personality and professionalism are huge assets to your firm, and she has a confidence that instills a sense of ease in her clients. I also adore her sense of humor! Lisa is very personable, professional, and quick to get to the front when I walked in. She seems very busy, as she always looked hard at work in her office, but always visited me in front with a smile. She is also a huge asset in my beliefs. Everything was clearly laid out, from fees, to exactly what I should be expecting throughout the entire process. There were many questions that were all answered very quickly, and with facts and not guesses. Especially with the complications newer laws and guidelines created for my case. I had great confidence in knowing you (Bruce) also personally looked over my case before we moved ahead. I absolutely recommend your firm, and especially Beth. Thank you all very much!

I thought this process was going to be very painful and the only hard part for the me was to get the proper paperwork together. My suggestions to any one is to keep paperwork organized because you just never know when how much and what you need in order for the attorney to get the correct information. Its a process but Mr. Lanser and his team Ms. Brockmeyer were excellent and treated me with a lot of respect and empathy. The professionalism was at the highest and price paid was worth every dollar I spent. The work that went into this process was explained with each step. Excellent firm and your in good hands with them.

Professional, knowledgeable, and very informative. We knew what to expect and when. Also we knew and felt our interests were well taken care of. We highly, highly recommend them.

I just would like to say the Lancer Law Office treated us with open arms, we’re very professional while at the same time were very nice and made our experience as pleasant as it could possibly have been. We would highly recommend Bruce and his staff…

Bruce Lanser was extremely helpful and confident that our bankruptcy would go well. He explained how the process would go and everything went as expected with our case. We are pleased and grateful for their knowledge, caring, and professionalism, as well as our outcome.

An open letter to Bruce A. Lanser : I am sure many others who received your sound advice and expert counsel have recommended you in the past. I am pleased to add my voice. You were truly an understanding ally in what seemed to me un-navigable waters. You took time to presciently answer my questions and point out potential problems while not sugarcoating the consequences. You told me how much work gathering precise information would be. You were both coach and cheerleader the precise qualities that make any one a success. The resolution of my problem was straight forward and seemed almost anti climatic with your guidance. To quote my father -Legal matters are best left to the experts-. You are truly one of the best in your field. I will recommend your services to any of my friends who ask my advice. Thank you,

Bruce has excellent interpersonal skills and really developed a trusting relationship with us. He earned our business by being forthright and honest from day one. He made sure he understood our goals before proceeding with any recommendations. He was also very patient and not overbearing with pushiness to move forward. He and his firm have a very professional approach of empathy and understanding. Bruce is also very thorough, and did extensive research to make sure he understood every aspect of our situation. We were very pleased with the service that Bruce and his firm provided for us.

Bruce Lanser and office staff were incredibly knowledgeable, organized and quick to respond. Their method was structured but individual where needed, they addressed all the steps of my small business/personal bankruptcy and made the horrible situation a lot more bearable. I would highly recommend them.

Bruce was extremely thorough in his handling of my case. He laid out what to expect and communicated in a professional manner. I was very pleased with the process and the desired results were achieved.

We were facing a very troubling and costly division of a partnership that include a huge personal liability that I was signed on to through the partnership. Bruce and his staff made us feel there was hope to resolve the issue with something we could afford. They accomplished the goal and did it very quickly. Thank you Bruce!

Mr. Lanser and his team provided expert advice and guidance resulting in the best possible outcome for a very complicated and difficult situation. His in-depth knowledge of the law combined with his compassionate wisdom gave us the courage to move forward in the bankruptcy process. We would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Lanser to those needing similar expert advice.

It is a rare thing to find professionalism of such excellence, combined with compassion. Attorney Lanser and the staff served us at what was probably one of the worst and most frightening times in our lives. Their wise and calm guidance steadied the ship in the storm. I would recommend this firm to anyone in need of sound help in a financial crisis.

I recommend Bruce Lanser to anyone looking for a very professional and personal expert lawyer. My case was dealt with efficiently and effectively with a minimum of hassel, fuss or frustration.

Bruce and his staff were exceptionally knowledgeable of the entire process related to our situation. His approach was no nonsense but with great compassion. Some of our issues were seemingly very complicated but Bruce was able to sort it all out and always came up with the correct approach. We give Bruce the highest recommendation. Sometimes we have to go through some difficult circumstances and if you do, you want someone like Bruce on your side. Thanks Bruce!

Honest, competent, and personable. Highly recommend.

When we came to the conclusion that we needed to dissolve our struggling retail business (via a Chapter 128 proceeding), our long-time business attorney recommended Bruce Lanser to me to develop a personal bankruptcy contingency plan in the event all contracts with landlords and creditors could not be satisfactorily addressed. From the initial meeting my wife and I had with Bruce and his team, we were impressed. They were informative, well organized, professional and always compassionate in regards to the effect a Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy would potentially have on our lives. Over the next few weeks we assembled the necessary background on our personal property and finances. Whenever we had a question or follow up issue, our calls or emails were always promptly addressed by Bruce. With our Chapter 7 contingency plan well in the works, I was able to continue and try to resolve the issues with my failing retail business. Our business attorney had a professional conflict with one of our bankers and an individual, both of which I had personal guaranteed commitments with. I asked Bruce to get involved in the negotiations with these two parties to gain a release of my personal commitment to them. With the knowledge gained from the Chapter 7 pre-planning and a thorough understanding of my business gained from our conversations, Bruce was able to insert himself into this situation quickly and bring both matters to a satisfactory conclusion. The work Bruce did with these negotiations played a pivotal role in eliminating the final hurdles that were keeping the planned Chapter 128 dissolution of the business from occurring. In the end, my ability to dissolve the business and gain releases of the personal guarantees that could have driven me to personal bankruptcy were resolved by Bruce Lanser…the very attorney I sought out in case they could NOT be resolved. I would easily recommend Lanser Law to anyone contemplating bankruptcy.

We can’t thank you enough. We were very happy with working with you. Several steps of the process were very emotionally, difficult and you were very understanding of this. Also, when we made the decision that we wanted to keep our home at all costs, even though you explained to us that the the odds of success were not great, you respected our decision. We realize that the main reason we got the chapter 7 to go through is, because Bruce is the very best at what he does. Thanks again. Now we can get on with our life. Sincerely,

Lanser Law Office was responsive to my many requests, timely in their explanation and resolution of issues, and very courteous. Bruce Lanser’s technical knowledge of bankruptcy law allowed us to protect our assets and resolve potential issues in a very difficult circumstance. Lanser Law attorneys seem to be technically proficient, and provided counsel to effectively adhere to the regulations yet avoid mistakes. I was very pleased with the services of Lanser Law.

I would highly recommend Bruce Lanser and his staff. In hard times they were compassionate and understanding. Even more importantly very thorough, ensuring a path without surprise and an accurate prediction of what to expect. I appreciate Bruce’s assistance and consider myself fortunate to have worked with him at Lanser Law. Thank you,

Bruce was a pleasure to deal with during a very difficult time. I respected his honesty and hard work. Not many attorneys would do work for you on the weekend, which was necessary in my case. His knowledge of his field I believe was second to none. I would recommend his services to anyone that is in need of a bankrupcy attorney, particularly if yours is complicated. He makes it seem uncomplicated.

Attorney Bruce Lanser is a one-of-a kind, top notch attorney. He is an extremely knowledgeable, professional attorney that will do what is best for his client, yet isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves, dig in and get the job done, no matter HOW UGLY it is! Our case was very ugly and after interviewing several other attorneys, someone recommended Attorney Lanser. Attorney Lanser treated my husband and I with the highest level of respect and did NOT judge us. He made us feel at ease about the situations we were dealing with, took the time to get us the facts and answer our questions. He helped us understand what the best options were for US, AND WHY! Taking that time made all the difference in the world to us because, lets face it, going through bankruptcy is NOT an easy thing. Attorney Lanser just has a way of focusing on the facts, the laws and getting it done. He was there for us through the entire process, explaining every step of the way. He is a man of his word and did EXACTLY what he said he would, when he said he would do it and made this horrible process as painless as it could be! He is a sharp attorney and his knowledge of the law is incredible and truly, I can’t thank him enough for what he helped us through. He IS the BEST attorney and IS a model of what an attorney should be. He takes his practice very seriously, he is a man of character, integrity, honesty, and very trustworthy! Hiring attorney Lanser was the best thing we could have done and I would recommend him to anyone, WITHOUT A DOUBT!

My husband and I would highly recommend Bruce Lanser! Had Bruce not been recommended to us and we had hired a different attorney for our bankruptcy matter, I don’t want to imagine where we would be today. Bruce is so professional, he is an expert in his field. Bruce is the best of the best. As a result, our very, very complicated matter was able to be processed and completed without a hitch. Because of the expertise and knowledge Bruce has, today, two and a half years after filing bankruptcy, we were able to take care of our family and start fresh. Due to the real estate market collapsing, we were no longer able to pay the monthly payments on developments we had hoped to build and sell. We thought we were going to lose our home, cars – everything. I am confident that had we gone to any other attorney, we would not be in the positive place we are right now. Bruce’s expertise truly allowed us to have a fresh start. Bruce was upfront and honest the entire time, explaining exactly what to expect. There were no surprises. That in itself was comforting. There was never a day that passed without hearing from Bruce if we had left him a message with any kind of question or concern. Bruce was always there for us. I am so grateful to the person who referred Bruce to our family.