Helping You Get The Fresh Start You Need

At Lanser Law Office in Waukesha, Wisconsin, we focus on the following areas of bankruptcy and insolvency law:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy Your best chance at a fresh start may begin with a complete discharge of your debts.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy If you do not qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or cannot get the relief you need under Chapter 7, we will assist you in filing a debt reorganization and payment plan.
  • Debt settlements Depending on your circumstances, it may be possible to avoid bankruptcy altogether by exploring options to settle with creditors at discounted amounts or more favorable payment terms.
  • Bankruptcy for divorcing individuals Divorce lawyers know to contact us when their clients are considering bankruptcy in cleaning up a financial mess prior to dissolving their marriage.

We are not a mill. We do not do high-volume bankruptcies. We understand that although the relief sought may be the same for many of our clients, we also understand that each case is different. There are different issues, needs and desires. Each client receives individualized attention. Contact our office online or call us at 262-522-2280.

  • How bankruptcy impacts the non filing spouse in divorce A bankruptcy filing by your spouse during the pendency of a divorce creates a series of complicated legal and practical issues that we can assist you with.
  • Bankruptcy considerations for small-business owners The filing of a bankruptcy by the owner of a small business does not necessarily mean having to close the business. We help small-business owners keep their business in operation while working to resolve serious financial problems.
  • Bankruptcy when you are closing your business The choice of letting your business go in conjunction with a bankruptcy filing is a difficult, but sometimes sensible decision.
  • Asset protection through pre-bankruptcy planning If you are looking to make the maximum use of the exemption provisions to protect your assets prior to a bankruptcy filing, we will use the laws in place to help you.
  • Dispelling bankruptcy myths Far too many misconceptions about bankruptcy exist, and you need a seasoned and knowledgeable lawyer to clear them up.
  • Stopping wage garnishment Our firm can assist you in learning more about the wage garnishment process and how to stop or prevent wage garnishment.
  • Ending creditor harassment We provide advice and guidance to clients on how to deal with, prevent and stop creditor harassment.
  • Understanding the emotional toll of bankruptcy We understand the emotions that are tied to financial strain and the social stigma of bankruptcy. Our firm strives to help clients deal with the emotions as well as the practical aspects of bankruptcy in order to help them move forward.

Voted Top Bankruptcy Attorney In Milwaukee By Milwaukee Magazine

“Bruce Lanser (Lanser Law Office) tops the list of bankruptcy lawyers. Lanser makes his mark representing individuals and small businesses. Says one attorney: ‘There are some people who are very bright and know what the law is but can’t apply it to common sense – he’s not one of them.’ Says another: ‘He has a very nice way of making people comfortable when they are obviously confronting a traumatic time in their lives.”

— Milwaukee Magazine

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Lanser Law Office provides comprehensive debt relief solutions to individuals and small businesses in Waukesha, New Berlin and the Milwaukee area. To arrange a meeting with Attorney Bruce A Lanser to discuss your circumstances, call us directly at 262-522-2280 or send us an email online.