Bankruptcy When You Are Closing A Business

How do you get past the failure of your small business? How do you move on after you close the doors? When it comes to serious financial problems, sometimes it is best to let it go and move on to new challenges in life. That is where Lanser Law Office comes in. We help our clients in Waukesha, New Berlin and throughout Wisconsin get a fresh start.

Going from entrepreneur to former entrepreneur may be devastating. However, it may be in your best interests. Lanser Law Office is experienced with the issues that arise as a result of a failed or failing business. Each bankruptcy case deserves the attention of our detail-oriented attorneys. Contact our law office today. Call us at 262-522-2280.

Making Good Decisions For You

At Lanser Law Office, we help our small-business clients make prudent and rational decisions for their future. We will help you balance optimism with realism and explore all the options available.

Looking Out For Your Personal Well-Being

A business is not a living and breathing entity dealing with stress and weighing options. You are. You want to protect yourself from the corporate creditors who will want the money they are owed. The pressure mounts and something has to give. Usually that “something” is ceasing the operations of your small business, filing for personal bankruptcy, and notifying the creditors that your doors are closed for good.

Ending your business is not an easy decision. We recognize that and will educate you about your personal and business options, including the wind down of your business if needed. Talk to an attorney about the benefits of filing bankruptcy when terminating a business. You can reach us by email online or calling us at 262-522-2280.