Debt Relief Through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Individual and business clients come to Lanser Law Office in Waukesha, Wisconsin, wanting their lives back. The stress of serious financial problems will permeate your entire life both at home and at work, and it gradually filters down to your staff and each member of your family.

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Your Chance To Make Your Life Better

Bankruptcy attorney, Bruce A. Lanser, is here to help you. You do not have to put up with creditor harassment. You should not fear the telephone ringing or dread going to your mailbox every day.

How Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Works

Most people who are exploring bankruptcy have two primary goals: they want to keep their assets and get rid of their debts. While there are limitations, some version of both of those goals can be accomplished for most people through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy thereby enabling them to get the fresh start that the bankruptcy laws envision.

The first goal, retention of assets, is generally dependent upon whether or not there are liens against those assets and the availability of exemption provisions that permit the protection of assets. Whether, and to what extent, you can get rid of your debts will be determined by the nature of the debt and how the debt was incurred. Frequently, a person filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is able to keep most or all of their assets, subject to certain liens, while at the same time discharging most or all of their debts.

Most individuals who wish to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy must qualify by demonstrating that they “pass” the “means test” and the “totality of circumstances” tests. These are two mechanisms that are intended to prevent abuse of the bankruptcy laws by consumers who appear to have the financial capability of making meaningful payment to their creditors.

Individuals who are ineligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or who have assets that are at risk of being lost in a Chapter 7 may want to consider a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to resolve their financial dilemma. Whatever your situation, know that you have options. Our attorneys can help you select the option that is right for you.

When you retain our firm, Bruce Lanser will walk you through every step of the bankruptcy process so that you know what to expect as the proceedings unfold.

Why Choose Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Over Debt Settlement/Negotiation

While there are circumstances under which bankruptcy can be avoided in favor of debt settlements/restructuring, a bankruptcy filing offers several advantages, including the automatic stay. The automatic stay is an injunction that orders creditors to stop attempting to collect on debts. It goes into effect as soon as your bankruptcy is filed with the bankruptcy court.

While debt settlement and negotiation companies will promise to try to work with your creditors, the truth is that they cannot guarantee any reduction of debt, and there is nothing that prevents creditors from suing you or otherwise aggressively pursuing the collection of a debt. The automatic stay WILL stop those efforts.

Personalized Representation For You

Lanser Law Office is not a bankruptcy mill. There is no template we follow. At your individual consultation, your individual needs and goals are assessed, and we will discuss the impact of a bankruptcy on your assets and your debts.

We will discuss the bankruptcy procedures, the timeline, the players involved and what you should and should not be doing prior to filing.

We will discuss timing issues, eligibility standards, long-term consequences and the costs involved.

Finally, we will strive to develop a game plan to resolve your financial nightmare. Once you hire us, then we will execute that plan, exercising whatever option is best for you. Each client’s needs are handled on an individual basis, and we work hard to address the emotional toll that bankruptcy can have on a client and his or her family.

A clean slate is just around the corner.

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