Put An End To Creditor Harassment

Being in debt is difficult and stressful enough without having to deal with harassing calls from your creditors. Ordinarily, those phone calls will stop once the creditor knows that you have hired Lanser Law Office to assist you with your financial difficulties.

At our Waukesha, Wisconsin, law office, our firm is committed to helping clients put a stop to creditor harassment. We are sensitive to the needs of each and every one of our clients, handling our bankruptcy and creditor harassment cases on an individual basis.

At Lanser Law Office, each case is handled in a manner that suits the clients’ best interests. Together, we can take charge of your debts and work to put an end to the harassment that you and your family may be experiencing.

Do not be afraid to answer your phone or go to your mailbox. We can help you stop creditor harassment and threatening calls. Call our firm at 262-522-2280 to discuss getting the fresh start you need and get your life back.

Bankruptcy And The Automatic Stay

If you elect to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, all creditor collection activity must stop — by law — upon the filing of the case and the imposition of the automatic stay provision of the Bankruptcy Code. A notice to that effect is promptly mailed to all your creditors.

This essentially means that your creditors are prohibited from taking any action to collect a debt or affecting your assets during the time that the stay is in place. These prohibited actions include:

  • Calling your home or workplace
  • Sending bills or threatening letters
  • Suing you
  • Foreclosing your home or repossessing your car
  • Wage garnishment

You have rights and options. Do not let creditor and collection agency harassment continue without talking with a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer at our office. To learn more about how to stop creditor or debt collector harassment, call attorney Bruce A. Lanser at 262-522-2280 or complete our online contact form. We represent clients in Waukesha, New Berlin and throughout the Milwaukee area.