Protect Your Assets Before Filing Bankruptcy

At Lanser Law Office, part of our job is to advise you not only on what assets are at risk of being lost in a bankruptcy, but also what steps might be taken to legitimately preserve the value of those assets for your own benefit and the attendant risks in doing so.

Do not try to “fix” what you perceive to be problems by attempting to restructure your assets on your own prior to a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 filing. You need an advocate at your side to ensure that you are properly assessing the risks and otherwise abiding by the law. Contact our firm at 262-522-2280 for help. We represent clients in Waukesha, New Berlin and throughout the Milwaukee area.

We Help You Avoid The Pitfalls Of Pre-Bankruptcy Planning

Pre-bankruptcy planning is the term commonly used to describe a restructuring of assets done in a way to make the maximum use of the exemption provisions that are available to you and thereby minimize the loss of assets, or their value, that may otherwise be nonexempt. However, attempting to “fix” your asset structure without consulting with a qualified attorney may lead to irreversible harm and accusations of fraud and/or litigation.

Sidestep The Risks Of Exemption Planning

Bankruptcy laws allow for exemption planning, but there is a level of risk involved. These risks include loss of assets, loss of the bankruptcy discharge and even criminal liability. At Lanser Law Office, we will assist you in assessing the risks and will provide concrete guidance that is consistent with your risk tolerance.

We Do Bankruptcy Right. Ask Us About Pre-Bankruptcy Planning.

Our skills in pre-bankruptcy and exemption planning are what help us stand out from other bankruptcy firms that focus only on the routine and ordinary cases. We want to do it right and ensure that you are keeping the assets you are entitled to by law.

To get more information about how our firm can help you with your assets, call us today at 262-522-2280 or email us.