Satisfaction of Judgments Due to Discharge in Bankruptcy

If a person had a civil judgment taken against them in Wisconsin prior to their bankruptcy filing, the effect of their bankruptcy discharge may be to relieve them of their personal liability on the debt. That pre-bankruptcy judgment, however, will remain of record in the State Court and may affect that person’s ability to obtain credit in the future and may still be a lien on any real estate that they own in the county where the judgment was docketed. Wisconsin law provides a procedure to have such judgments “satisfied” not because they were paid but because the underlying obligation to pay has been discharged in bankruptcy. This procedure is done through the state court system rather than the bankruptcy court and would not ordinarily be included under the terms of a person’s fee agreement with their bankruptcy lawyer. If you have obtained a discharge in bankruptcy and need help “cleaning up” your pre-bankruptcy judgments, Lanser Law Office will assist you in that process.